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Electrical and Computer
Engineering Department
Faculty and Staff
Department Chair
Yi Lu Murphey, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair

Phone: (313) 593 - 5028
Faculty Members
Selim Awad, Ph.D.

Phone: (313) 593-5523
Chris Mi, Ph.D.
Professor and Fellow of IEEE

Phone: (313)583-6434
Paul Richardson, Ph.D.

Phone: (313) 593-5560
Adnan Shaout, Ph.D.

Phone: (313) 593 - 5308
M. Shridhar, Ph.D.

Phone: (313) 593-3595, (313) 593-6761
Dongming Zhao, Ph.D.

Phone: (313) 593-5527
Ali EL Kateeb, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone: (313) 593-5115
Taehyung Kim, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone: (313) 583-6736
Sridhar Lakshmanan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone: (313) 593-5516
John Miller, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

N. Natarajan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone: (313) 593-5364
Paul Watta, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone: (313) 593-5526
Weidong Xiang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone: (313) 593-5525
Alex (Ya Sha) Yi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Phone: 583-6318
Hafiz Malik, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Phone: (313) 593-5677
Wencong Su, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Phone: 593-5314
M. H. Miller, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

S. Murtuza, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

Jung Me Park, Ph.D.
Research Scientist

Jesse Cross
Technical Support

Michael Hicks
Academic Records Assistant Intermediate

Phone: (313) 593-5420
Mariann Brevoort
Administrative Assistant

Phone: (313) 593-5420
Ron Thompson
Desktop Support Specialist

Name Title Email
Gary Crosbie Lecturer Intermediate
David Daniszewski Lecturer Intermediate
Sergey Gladyshev Lecturer I
Shawn Hunt Lecturer Intermediate
Tarek Lahdhiri, Ph.D. Lecturer I
Timothy Talty, Ph.D. Lecturer I
Larry Sieh Lecturer I
Herbert Kaufman, Ph.D. Lecturer II
Mark A. Steffka Lecturer II
Mark Zachos Lecturer Intermediate